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Last Updated: Sunday, 20 March, 2005, 12:41 GMT
Explorer's polar trek under way
Tom Avery
The explorer will try to beat the 37-day 'record'
An explorer attempting to retrace a 1909 trek to the geographic North Pole has set out from Canada.

Tom Avery, 29, of Ticehurst, East Sussex, is leading a team aiming to prove whether US naval commander Robert Peary reached the pole in 37 days.

Peary's journey was later disputed. Mr Avery is using wooden sleds and equipment of the period to find whether the 37-day feat was possible.

He has said it was an attempt to solve polar exploration's "greatest mystery".

"We still don't know who was the first person to stand on top of the world. If we can settle that, hopefully that can restore one of the great characters of polar exploration," Mr Avery said, before his expedition.

Peary, who was 54 when he made his trip to the geographic North Pole, had lost his toes from frostbite on an earlier expedition.

The team members are taking the London 2012 Olympic bid flag with them to help promote the capital's chances of hosting the games.

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