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Dubai drug woman 'seeks redress'
Tracy Wilkinson on arrival at Heathrow
Tracy Wilkinson was given the painkiller for a back injury
A woman jailed in Dubai for having codeine in her body is seeking redress for herself and thousands of other British citizens in the same position.

Tracy Wilkinson, 44, of Balcombe, West Sussex, said 3,000 people had written to her with similar tales since she returned from the United Arab Emirates.

She was cleared in May after proving she needed painkillers for back pain.

The drug was found when Mrs Wilkinson was held over a passport error in March. Codeine is banned in the UAE.


Mrs Wilkinson told the BBC: "There is Western culture in Dubai with five-star hotels, tourism, drinking and Islamic rules.

"The locals are getting fed up with the tourists and the cultures don't mix."

She added: "Tony Blair's office referred me to Jack Straw to find out what redress there is for British citizens."

She said 3,000 people had sent her letters of support, many describing similar experiences in the Emirate states.

Mrs Wilkinson said she was still trying to pick up her life after her experience.

She said she "hadn't stopped" with the demands of her business, family, work and lawyers, and that she had also had health checks because of conditions in the jail where the blankets were flea-ridden and she had to drink the water.

But she said she was determined to continue with her campaign.

The mother-of-two, a sports osteopath, had faced a four-year jail sentence if found guilty.

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