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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 August 2005, 14:51 GMT 15:51 UK
Council defends town's new image
Eastbourne promenade
Eastbourne is renowned as being popular with elderly visitors
Eastbourne Borough Council has insisted it is not trying to alienate elderly visitors to the town despite a campaign to attract a younger, "trendier" crowd.

At present the average age of visitors to the Sussex town is 55 but the council is aiming to reduce that to 35 with a poster campaign.

New bars and restaurants have been opened and water sports and outdoor activities heavily promoted.

But the council said older visitors were still important to Eastbourne.

"We fully respect the market we've already got, which to a large extent is an elderly population.

Eastbourne promotional poster
The posters aim to attract active families and young people

"But we recognise the need to move on and we want to widen the net and widen the bank of people who visit our beautiful town," Councillor Ian Lucas said.

Activities such as roller-skating facilities have been opened up along the promenade.

For the second year running, posters are being sent to London in an attempt to attract the "35-plus urbanites" for long weekends.

However, the council said it aimed to attract a different type of visitor to those who went to the nearby resort of Brighton.

A spokesman said Eastbourne was being geared towards families and those in their mid-30s "who want to drink champagne and coffee rather than several pints of lager".

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