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Last Updated: Sunday, 12 December, 2004, 12:50 GMT
Police get tougher over graffiti
Culprits could have their paints and sprays confiscated
Graffiti artists making their mark on the streets of Brighton are being threatened with anti-social behaviour orders, known as Asbos, by police.

Removing graffiti costs the city council over 250,000 pounds a year.

Vandals have been fined in the past, or given community service, but now Asbos will be used to impose night-time curfews on known offenders.

"Graffiti Inspectors" have been given the task of examining the handywork in order to track down repeat offenders.

The tough new approach means they can now expect a fine and an Asbo, which could see their paints and sprays confiscated and a ban on them roaming the streets at night.

Insp Nev Kemp, of Sussex Police, said there were currently two "free-walls" in Brighton where they could quite legally spray their work.

"However, the fact that they are choosing to damage other people's property is doing harm and clearly breaking the law," he said.

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