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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 November, 2004, 11:15 GMT
Device aims to stop spiked drinks
Spikeys in bottles
The Spikeys are being supplied to the licensed trade
A device to prevent drinks from being spiked in pubs and clubs has been developed by a Surrey businessman.

Ray Lockett, from Alfold, had the idea after his daughter's drink was spiked in a nightclub last February.

The "Spikey" fits in the top of most beer and alcopop bottles, and has a hole just big enough for a straw.

Once it has been inserted by bar staff a seal is created which prevents pills from being slipped into the drink. It also cannot be removed.

Marilyn's drink had been spiked and I am so lucky that she was with good friends and wasn't raped
Ray Lockett
The device, which costs 2.5p and is being sold to licensees in boxes of 5,000, is being manufactured by Mr Lockett's company, R&G Products.

Mr Lockett said the night his daughter had her drink spiked "changed his life forever".

He said she had been out with friends when one of them noticed something was wrong.

"She hadn't been drinking alcohol, only juice from a bottle, and found herself unable to stand.

"Her friends took her home and put her to bed.

"Marilyn's drink had been spiked and I am so lucky that she was with good friends and wasn't raped," Mr Lockett said.

Graham Rhodes, chief executive of the Roofie Foundation, which runs a help-line for victims of drug rape, said the innovative product would help reduce the incidents of spiking, drug-related rape and sexual abuse.

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