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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 November, 2004, 09:12 GMT
Boy racers risk cars being seized
Boy racers
Police in Worthing say 'boy racers' could lose their vehicles
Irresponsible drivers and "boy racers" could lose their cars in a crackdown on anti-social driving at night.

Police in Worthing, West Sussex say residents regularly contact police and local councillors to complain about noisy stereos and speeding cars.

The number of incidents has been increasing and officers say residents' quality of life is being affected.

Drivers will be warned once but a second offence may end with the vehicle being seized, Sussex Police say.

The fear of pedestrian injury is real
Sgt Peter Darkin

"Some of the vehicles used by 'boy racers' in Worthing are owned by their parents," said a spokeswoman.

"They are not going to be too happy when they have to get the bus to work because their car has been seized."

The issue of boy racers was raised at the first meeting of the police local action team for Worthing.

In response town centre officers have been patrolling "hot spot" areas of Splash Point and Teville Gate and speaking to some of the drivers.

"This low-level approach has not worked effectively enough," said Sgt Peter Darkin.

"Residents have genuine concerns about the standard of driving in the town at night.

Inform insurance companies

"With many people leaving the town's pubs and clubs on foot, the fear of a pedestrian injury is real."

Over the coming weeks police will be working with officers from the government's vehicle inspectorate, Vosa.

West Sussex environmental services will be brought in where cases involve noisy vehicles.

Police also say that where vehicles have been modified they will inform insurance companies and higher premiums may be incurred.

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