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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 July, 2004, 15:26 GMT 16:26 UK
City banker begins sex bias case
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Ms Madarassy was made redundant in September 2001
A City banker has launched a six-figure sex discrimination appeal against her former bosses.

Andrea Madarassy, 40, claims a director at Nomura International "barked" at her, "threatened" her and "acted beyond the range of decency".

Ms Madarassy, of Leatherhead in Surrey, says Michael Boardman's actions were particularly marked towards her.

In 2003 an employment tribunal ruled there was an "equality of shouting" towards male and female staff.

Morning sickness

The appeal, being heard in central London, is expected to last three days and has been backed by the Equal Opportunities Commission.

Ms Madarassy began working for the Japanese-owned bank in June 2000 but was made redundant in September 2001, weeks after returning from four months' maternity leave.

She claimed sex discrimination, saying her bonus for 2001 was unfairly lower then 17 male colleagues' because of absences caused by morning sickness when she was pregnant.

She told the original tribunal Mr Boardman, Nomura's capital markets director, shouted at her for going for a drink or to the toilet.

Andrew Clarke QC, representing Ms Madarassy, said the allegations against Mr Boardman were at the centre of the case.

'False and flawed'

He said: "At the heart of the claim is a series of allegations against him by which she maintains his behaviour towards her was motivated by sex and was therefore discriminatory.

"In particular, his assessment of her ability was false and flawed and that carried over into his assessment of her."

Ms Madarassy is challenging the ruling from the original tribunal that her sex discrimination claim was made too late.

She also claims the tribunal was wrong in how it decided whether she suffered continuous discrimination and less favourable treatment.

The married mother-of-three now works for another bank.

The hearing continues.


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