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Naked rollercoaster record feat
Thorpe Park rollercoaster
Nude students braved chilly temperatures to set a new world record
Nearly 100 students have shed their inhibitions to set a new world record by riding a rollercoaster naked.

Braving chilly temperatures, students from 15 British universities stripped off to ride the 360 degree Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park in Surrey.

Although 81 students took part, the official record will be set at 28 as the ride can only take this number in one go.

The stunt was staged to coincide with the attraction's silver anniversary.

Thorpe Park offered a 1,000 prize for the best group picture on board the ride.

The money will go to the University of Kent's rag committee after student Adam Briffett was photographed holding a piece of paper reading: "I see naked people" a quote from the film Scary Movie.

Nudity phobia

To applause from other volunteers, the first students set off along the 800-yard course, which includes 360-degree loops.

The oldest participants were Nigel, 47, and Judy Booker, 44, from Bath.

Judy said: "I have got two phobias - the fear of rollercoasters and taking my clothes off in public - so that gets two things in one go.

"They were all younger and thinner so I had to suck my stomach in."

Sally Taylor, 20, a criminology student from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, said her involvement would come as a surprise to her family.

"I've told my mum I'm coming here but I didn't tell her I would be naked," she said.

Staff at the park came up with the idea and Guinness World Record officials judged the event, which took place when the park was closed to spare the embarrassment of visitors.

Simon Gold, one of the judges, said: "They have raised some money for charity and they have set a Guinness world record - everyone's a winner."

The official title of the record was Most Naked People on a Rollercoaster.

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