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Last Updated: Friday, 17 September, 2004, 07:36 GMT 08:36 UK
Mystery 'hero' hands out kindness
Ivan Man
Ivan Man hides his identity and refuses to reveal his benefactor
A self-styled superhero has been walking the streets of Brighton carrying out random acts of kindness.

Ivan Man, who refuses to reveal his true identity, carries out his mission wearing a mask and a cape.

The mystery man has been seen bounding up to people in the Sussex city, giving them flowers or cash, and offering to buy them cups of coffee.

He says he is doing it on behalf of another person, who is "very wealthy", but declines to say who it is.

Ivan Man
Ivan Man surprises a man in the street with a watch
He also offers to assist people with directions, and in one case he even bought a watch for a man who had been looking at it in a shop window.

Ivan Man says he enjoys the element of surprise.

"I do it just to bring a lot of happiness, a lot of joy. I get great pleasure out of giving people gifts in the street randomly," he said.

He said the person paying his way was "very generous", and "you've probably heard of them".

He also denies it is just a publicity stunt, and promises that all will be revealed in a few weeks.

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