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Gift from grave to man's friends
Dave and Jo Huddie
Dave asked his twin Jo to help him organise the surprise
A 23-year-old cancer sufferer from Sussex has surprised his friends with a gift from the grave.

Dave Huddie, who was from Brighton, decided to spend his life savings on his closest friends when he was told he only had days to live.

The keen surfer and snowboarder paid 5,500 for a skiing trip for his twin sister Jo and a group of friends.

He asked Jo to surprise them by posting the letter about the winter holiday weeks after his death.

His friend Sian Davin said: "When I first looked at it I thought it was a horrible joke someone was playing because I had no idea and I was not expecting that.

"Then I read down, and I realised it was from Dave, and it was like hearing his voice again."

The letter
Dave Huddie wanted to surprise his friends with a letter

Dave Huddie died on the 4 July after a brief battle against cancer but when he was told he had only a few days to live he hatched up the plan with his twin sister.

Jo Huddie said: "On the day we found that he didn't have long to live, we were all sitting round the hospital bed and after the initial shock and tears had worn off he started thinking about what he could do with the savings.

"He came up with the idea of sending us all on holiday.

"He left me his snowboard and it is about the right size to be a powder border.

"I think I will ride it on his birthday off-piste and get some good turns in for him."

Dave's family are now raising money for the hospice where he spent his last days.


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