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Last Updated: Saturday, 7 August, 2004, 13:28 GMT 14:28 UK
Benefit withdrawn 'by mistake'
Thelma and Amy Pickard
Amy was 17 when she fell into a coma after a heroin overdose
A mother who said she would be unable to continue visiting her brain damaged daughter in care because her benefits book was withdrawn has had it returned.

Amy Pickard has needed 24-hour care since collapsing from a heroin overdose in Hastings, East Sussex, in 2000.

Her mother, Thelma, said she used the 15 that was given to Amy to buy petrol so she could drive to her nursing home.

The Department for Work and Pensions has apologised to her and said the book was confiscated by mistake.

Amy was 17-years old and pregnant when she collapsed in a public toilet and fell into a coma.

Although she regained consciousness, she suffered brain damage and now requires 24-hour care.

To be near her daughter's nursing home in Tunbridge Wells, Mrs Pickard - who does not believe Amy was a drug addict - sold her home in Hastings and moved to a caravan in Maidstone.

Brain damaged girl's benefit loss
04 Aug 04  |  England

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