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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 February, 2004, 16:12 GMT
Judge wants 'rogue cars' tackled
CJ Oakford
CJ Oakford died in hospital after the crash on New Year's Day
A judge who jailed a man after he ran over and killed a boy has called for new rules to tackle "rogue cars".

Judge Anthony Thorpe jailed illegal immigrant Kamel Kadri, from Algeria, after his car collided with Callum Oakford, aged nine, in West Sussex.

Kadri, 38, of Goring, did not have insurance, tax or an MoT certificate and had been using a false passport.

Judge Thorpe said the case had made him realise "what a serious problem we have with these cars on our streets".

'Abolish car tax'

Kadri's car collided with Callum, known as CJ, on the A259 on 1 January.

He did not stop or report the incident to the emergency services.

He was sentenced to eight months in jail - later reduced to six - for driving without tax, insurance or an MoT, failing to stop after an accident and failing to report an accident.

Kamel Kadri
Kamel Kadri entered the UK illegally in 2001

Kadri was given a further 16 months for using a false passport.

Judge Thorpe told Kadri after the sentence was reduced: "I regard your sentence as no way commensurate to what you did.

"The results of your driving are being ignored by the courts."

The judge outlined his thoughts on "rogue cars" in a letter to the Times newspaper, published on Wednesday.

He wrote: "My recent encounter with a failed asylum seeker driving an unlicensed, untaxed car with no MoT which killed a young boy has made me realise what a serious problem we have with these cars on our streets."

Judge Thorpe suggested abolishing car tax and recouping tax lost through the move by adding 1p or 2p to the price of a litre of fuel.

He said insurance companies should issue drivers with a swipe card which they would have to display in their car and, more importantly, have to swipe at a fuel pump before being able to buy any petrol.

He said: "I appreciate this would not deal with any lack of MoT but it would be a start to help identify these rogue cars."

The judge has already called for crown court judges to be given the power to give longer sentences to drivers who fail to stop after accidents.

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