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Last Updated: Friday, 16 January, 2004, 12:41 GMT
'Spiderman' warned about climbing
David Chick
David Chick has pleaded not guilty
A man who spent six days on a crane dressed as Spiderman has been warned about climbing any buildings before his crown court trial in May.

David Chick, 37, of The Ridgeway, Burgess Hill, has said he climbed the crane dressed as his daughter's favourite superhero after his wife stopped him seeing his four-year-old child.

He is accused of causing a public nuisance, a charge which he denies.

Mr Chick was told he will stand trial at Southwark Crown Court on 4 May.

Climbing ban

Judge Paul Dodgson told him: "Between now and then you are going to be on bail and a condition of that bail is that you are not to climb any tall structure, building or otherwise, in a way that is likely to cause disruption or inconvenience.

Mr Chick responded: "Destruction or disruption?"

Judge Dobson replied: "Disruption, I don't think you could cause destruction by climbing them."

Tower Bridge, a major route across the Thames, and the surrounding roads were closed to traffic during the first five days of Mr Chick's protest about fathers' rights for access to their children.

Mr Chick climbed the crane on 31 October and was arrested and charged when he came down at 1600 GMT the following Wednesday.

It followed a series of protests by campaign group Fathers 4 Justice.


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