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Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 August, 2003, 06:39 GMT 07:39 UK
Road closed for badger release
Bruce the badger just before his release
Bruce had been looked after for three weeks before his release
A road was closed by police to allow a badger to be released back into the wild after it was injured in a fight with another animal.

The badger, who was named Bruce, was discovered by Lewes resident Norman Duncan after it took refuge in his house.

After coming through the door, the animal, which was bruised and bloodied, made its way down the hallway and ended up cowering in the bathroom.

It is thought the animal was hurt after wandering into the wrong sett.

When I found Bruce in my hallway I was surprised because you don't often find a badger in your house
Norman Duncan, resident
East Sussex Wildlife Rescue then stepped in to nurse Bruce back to health before he was allowed to go back to the wild on Monday.

Police closed the road for the animal to be released for its own safety as there were setts at each end of the road.

Trevor Weeks, rescue co-ordinator, said: "He has already been attacked by badgers so we could be sort of sending him to his death if we put him in one direction or another.

"So we had to let Bruce make up his own mind and release him in the middle and let him have the option."

Mr Duncan said: "When I found Bruce in my hallway I was surprised because you don't often find a badger in your house.

"It is a relief that Trevor and his friends have looked after him so well and he has recovered."

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