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Last Updated: Friday, 4 July, 2003, 12:14 GMT 13:14 UK
Bali victim's father 'has no hatred'
The site of the blast in Bali
Mr Braden said the UK government should have upgraded warnings
The father of a Bali bomb victim has said he has no hatred for the killers of his son.

Daniel Braden was taking part in a rugby tour when he was killed in the blast in Indonesia last October, at the Sari club.

His father Alex, from Brighton, told the inquest how the 28-year-old marketing manager, who was living in Taiwan, was "poles apart" from his narrow-minded killers.

The father has since set up a charity to encourage Indonesian boys to expand their horizons by visiting England for sailing events, the hearing in Hammersmith, west London, heard.

We believe that broadening the minds of young people can overcome such ignorance and mistrust
Alex Braden

"Directly after the Bali bombing, it became apparent to us that ignorance and mistrust between people of different nations, faiths and backgrounds around the world fosters prejudice and hatred," Mr Braden said.

"This in turn allows terrorists to secure new recruits to their causes.

"Dan's open-minded, outgoing willingness seems poles apart from the narrow, sectarian beliefs held by his killers.

"We want to challenge that a little bit and we believe that broadening the minds of young people can overcome such ignorance and mistrust."

Zest for life

West London coroner Alison Thompson recorded a verdict of death by multiple injury caused by an act of terrorism overseas.

Mr Braden, who works for a yacht broker, said British authorities could have done more to safeguard holidaymakers in Bali.

"If the warnings had been upgraded, maybe none of these guys would have been there," he said.

Mr Braden said he did not feel hatred for his son's killers, but sorry that they did not have the education and life Daniel had.

Daniel's sister, 25-year-old Claire, who lives in Bristol, told the inquest: "Dan was a totally unique person who affected everyone he met with his zest for living, his humour and the talent he had to make us all laugh at ourselves," she said.

Also present were Daniel's mother, Mandy, and his girlfriend, June Hirst.

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