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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 June, 2003, 13:11 GMT 14:11 UK
Shark dies after naked tank prank
Guy Venables in the shark tank
The comedian dived naked into the tank
A comedian could be prosecuted by an aquarium after he dived into a shark tank as a publicity stunt and then two days later one of the fish died.

Guy Venables dived naked into the tank at the Sea Life Centre in Brighton, East Sussex, about two weeks ago as a 1 bet and to promote a comedy evening he was running at the Komedia Club in the city.

But two days later a 12-year-old smooth hound shark died of a sudden haemorrhage.

Officials at the centre said the haemorrhage could have been the result of Mr Venables's stunt which lasted for about one minute.

The smooth hound shark, which would normally live for about 25 years, is being examined by biologists to see if it died from the stress of the prank.

Guy Venables
Mr Venables said he feels remorse for what has happened

A spokeswoman for the centre said: "The sight of someone swimming around would have caused a lot of stress because they are in an enclosed area and would have been frightened."

Asked if the centre would prosecute, she said: "If it turns out that there was no other reason for that shark to die then we would seriously think about it, yes."

Any prosecution may have to be for criminal damage, she said.

On Wednesday Mr Venables visited the centre to show his remorse but the spokeswoman said the staff were too angry to talk to him.

Me Venables, 35, from Hove, East Sussex, said: "I do feel remorse about the whole thing. It is sad that something has died and we will have to wait and see what happens next."

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