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Last Updated: Friday, 18 April, 2003, 15:25 GMT 16:25 UK
Escaped prisoner shot in leg
St Peter's Church
The man was on scaffolding at St Peter's Church
An escaped prisoner was shot in the leg by police after he was found on scaffolding at a church in Brighton.

Sussex Police said they received a call just before 0100 BST on Friday from the man who said he was wanted by police.

He said he was at St Peter's Church in Brighton, Sussex, and that he had a gun.

Officers including members of the force's tactical firearms unit went to the scene and found a man on scaffolding on the east side of the church.

The man, aged about 20, who had been serving time for a "serious crime", fired at police before he was shot in the leg.

'Single shot returned'

He is thought to have had some kind of air rifle.

The police spokesman said: "Subsequently, a man was shot in the leg and taken to hospital where he was detained."

The incident has been referred to the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) and will be investigated by Kent Police under the authority's supervision.

A PCA spokesman said the man, understood to be an escaped prisoner, was armed, although it was unclear if the gun was real or imitation or whether he fired any shots.

He said: "At about 0300 BST, shots were fired at police and a single shot was returned.

"I understand he made his way down off the scaffolding himself after he had been shot in the leg"

He said the reason for the man being on the scaffolding would form part of the investigations.

However, he added: "We published a report earlier in the year and it showed the vast majority of those who are shot by police are disturbed."

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