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Mayoral hopefuls' mini-manifestos

Voters in Doncaster will choose a new directly-elected mayor at the 4 June elections.

The current mayor Martin Winter, who has been in office since 2002, announced he would not seek re-election following a critical report into children's services in the town.

Mr Winter left the Labour Party in 2008 after a series of rows ended with him becoming an independent politician.

Some councillors claimed he had too much power and neglected core services in Doncaster at the expense of regeneration projects including a new stadium, college and lakeside business development.

The Liberal Democrats and the Green Party have announced they are standing aside in the forthcoming election to support independent candidate Michael Maye.

The BBC asked the seven candidates to produce their own mini-manifestos, which are published below.

The BNP's candidate Dave Owen declined to take part.

Peter Davies - English Democrats

Peter Davies
Peter Davies: "Determined to stamp out waste"

My chief aims are to cut the council tax and clean up politics in the town. I am determined to stamp out waste in the local authority and concentrate resources on providing efficient key services.

To achieve this, I will:

• Hold a referendum on the mayoral governance of Doncaster.

• Cut the mayor's salary from £62,000 to £30,000.

• Reduce the number of councillors from 63 to 21.

• End malpractice and mismanagement in the local authority.

• Stop huge pay offers to senior council managers.

• Scrap politically correct non-jobs.

I will spend money on essential services including care of the elderly and protection of vulnerable children. I believe councils should exist to provide cost-effective key services and enhance the borough for residents.

It is not their role to pursue misguided schemes at the constant expense and frustration of tax-payers - while neglecting vital services that affect people's lives.

Stuart Exelby - Community Group

Stuart Exelby
Stuart Exelby: "Ensure Doncaster citizens feel more secure"

If elected I will:

• Ensure that the protection, safeguarding and education of our children is one of the first priorities of this council.

• Enable senior citizens to live at home with a council care service which provides fully for their needs.

• Ensure that every Doncaster citizen feels safer and more secure in their homes.

• Appoint a cross-party cabinet on merit and ability.

• Fully support a referendum to let the electorate decide whether the elected mayoral system stays in Doncaster.

• Zero tolerance against all kinds of anti-social behaviour.

• Aim to stop political infighting within Doncaster council.

• Work with partners to reduce crime.

• Invest money in our frontline services and neighbourhoods so that everyone can see improvements in their own areas.

• Restore the title of Civic Mayor back to its rightful position with all its ceremonial duties.

Michael Felse - Independent

Michael Felse
Michael Felse: Pledge for fast action over problems

I stand in the mayoral election because my road has a problem. This almost killed a little girl the other week, behind Doncaster Hospital, where cars hunt daily for a parking space.

These problems need sorting before tragedy hits Doncaster. So what will I do?

Every ward will compile their top 10 problem list and these will be fixed FAST.

Villages around Doncaster Borough will get money to rebuild their village hearts. These will be inspirational centres with creative digital/graphics industries and will have local budgets.

Doncaster Chamber of Commerce will get the means to attract investment into Building Doncaster Borough.

Doncaster Council will change to a motivational level of employee and employer respect with rewards for better star ratings.


I require all elected members who seek to be cabinet members to sign a pledge that they, like myself, will clearly publish their council-claimed expense details.

Sandra Holland - Labour

Sandra Holland
Sandra Holland: "Real help for families in difficulty"

• A mayor for jobs. Backing our airport, new link roads and business parks. I will promote jobs and training - employing 100 new apprentices.

• Real help NOW for families in difficulty. Help to stop repossessions and build 5,000 new affordable homes within 10 years.

• Investment in children's and adult services; ensure services meet your needs. More help for older and disabled people. Assessments for ramps and walk-in showers within 28 days. A new gardening service for the over 70s.

• On your side with zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour, with late night wardens in hotspots. I will publicise contact numbers for local policing teams.

• A good school for every child. A free school meal offered to every primary school pupil, a 20mph limit near schools.

• A greener borough, promoting energy-saving features to cut your bills.

Michael Maye - Independent

Michael Maye
Michael Maye: No "pie in the sky" promises

I promise you real changes in Doncaster.

Not "pie in the sky" promises.

A better Doncaster is not an aspiration, it will be a reality.

The council and most of its partner organisation talk about a vision for Doncaster by 2025.

Talk is cheap, most of them will not even be here in 2025.

We need deeds not words.

We need work not talk.

We need action and ideas and we need them now. I promise you a team of people full of ideas and enthusiasm.

Along with an input from residents, our employees, businesses, voluntary groups and elected councillors.

The cabinet will consist of "a team of rivals", real people out in the real world working for a better Doncaster.

Not spending their time in days of endless meetings.

They will be working together, for you and the borough of Doncaster.

Jonathan Wood - Conservative

Jonathan Wood
Jonathan Wood: "A council we can all be proud of"

Reliable frontline services ensuring a cleaner and safer place to grow and thrive:

• Safer neighbourhoods and a cleaner environment.

• Social services given the tools to keep the vulnerable safe.

• Inspirational schools where our children thrive.

Local businesses supported to deliver economic opportunity for all:

• Applying my years of large-scale regeneration experience to attract lasting opportunities for work.

• Better transport links and free parking to encourage a vibrant town centre.

• A receptive ear to local business.

• Supporting the provision of meaningful skills.

A council we can all be proud of:

• Paralysis and in-fighting ended by a collaborative leadership style coming from my experience as a diplomat.

• Council employees valued, supported and well-led.

• A cabinet open to people from outside of my party.

• Common sense - employees and stakeholders free to suggest new ideas and solutions.

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MEP Seats

  Votes MEPs
Party % +/- % Total +/-
EPP 33.4 -1.4 264 -18
Socialists 23.2 -4.1 183 -26
Liberal 11.0 +1.6 84 +5
Green 7.4 +1.3 50 +9
Left 5.3 -0.6 34 -2
UEN 3.4 +1.6 28 +2
Ind/Dem 2.7 -1.8 21 -15
No Group 13.6 +3.4 72 +3.4
0 of 27 countries declared.

UK Total MEP Seats

Party Votes MEPs
% +/- % Total +/-
CON 27.7 1.0 *26 1
UKIP 16.5 0.3 13 1
LAB 15.7 -6.9 13 -5
LD 13.7 -1.2 11 1
GRN 8.6 2.4 2 0
BNP 6.2 1.3 2 2
SNP 2.1 0.7 2 0
PC 0.8 -0.1 1 0
OTH 8.5 2.4 0 0
SF 1 0
DUP 1 0
72 of 72 seats declared. Vote share figures exclude Northern Ireland as it has a separate electoral system to the rest of the UK
* Includes UCUNF MEP elected in Northern Ireland
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