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Unmarked baby graves memorial bid

Unmarked graves at Barnsely Cemetery
Hundreds of babies are buried in the unmarked graves

A woman is campaigning for a memorial to remember the hundreds of babies buried in unmarked or mass graves in a South Yorkshire cemetery.

Carole Taylor's daughter Michelle died in 1971 when she was a day old. She is one of many infants buried in unmarked public graves in Barnsley Cemetery.

Mrs Taylor, 68, only found out where her daughter was 10 years later.

She is now campaigning to raise 11,000 to buy a marble statue to mark the area where the graves are.

Mrs Taylor, who has three other children, said: "There wasn't much compassion in those days.

"I only saw Michelle when she was born, I wasn't told anything after that.

"The only time I knew they had buried her was when the vicar came to see me.

Carole Taylor
Mrs Taylor has so far raised 1,000

"I was only young then, in my 20s, and I had three other children to look after. I didn't know the questions to ask or what to do, it's only as I got older that I thought more about it.

"I have since found out Michelle is buried in a mass grave, with two adults and 14 babies."

A sign has been put up on the land informing the public that it contains graves.

But Mrs Taylor wants to create a long-lasting memorial and to boost her fundraising, she has taken on the former post office on Doncaster Road where she is selling second-hand items.

"So many mothers have been in touch with me who lost their babies and have since found out that they are buried here," she said.

"I am determined to raise this money. This memorial is for my daughter and all the other babies buried there, to make sure they are never forgotten."

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