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Mystery husky found far from home

Nadia, Husky dog
A pure-breed husky can cost thousands of pounds

A Siberian husky found tied to the gate of a beer garden in South Yorkshire was originally from New Zealand.

The dog, being called Nadia, was found outside the Cocked Hat pub in the Attercliffe area of Sheffield.

A microchip in the animal has revealed she was registered in New Zealand and it is thought she could have been brought to the UK as a show dog.

Nadia is being looked after at the Barnsley and District Animal Welfare Centre until her owners can be traced.

She has been identified by experts as a husky, a breed more used to the freezing conditions of Siberia and hard work, pulling sleds across frozen tracks in the wilderness.

Given her condition she could quite well be a show dog
Paul Silver, rescue centre owner

Rebecca Penn who found the dog at the pub said: "She looked so sorry for herself and as soon as everybody started petting her we got some towels and dried her down - she soon started cheering up.

"We took her into the pub and gave her some pork scratchings although she didn't like those - she just sucked on them and then spat them out.

"To be honest, when someone told me where she'd come from I thought it was a wind up.

"I couldn't believe a dog had come all the way from New Zealand and I'm left wondering how she got here."

The active and energetic breed are renowned for their resilience.

Buying a pure-bred Husky can cost thousands of pounds and transporting one half way around the globe would cost an estimated 4,000.

Paul Silver, who runs the animal centre said he was keen to find Nadia's owners.

"We're assuming she's been brought in as a family pet, as a breeding dog or possibly as a show dog.

"Given her condition she could quite well be a show dog."

Anyone with information about the dog's owners or who recognises the animal should contact Mr Silver at the centre on 01226 701559.


A stray husky in Sheffield turns out to have a New Zealand chip implanted

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