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Petition objects to gay adoption
Gay couples say they can provide a good family life for children
Almost 2,000 people in South Yorkshire have signed a petition objecting to gay couples adopting children.

The petition, drawn up by the Christian People's Alliance (CPA), is being presented to Sheffield City Council to lobby against homosexuals adopting.

The group is protesting at government plans to allow a child to be placed with a gay couple regardless of the wishes of birth parents.

But gay couples in the area say it is "about what is best for the child".

This is about homophombic issues... trying to close the doors of opportunity for children
A gay couple with two adopted children

One gay couple from West Yorkshire, who have two adopted children aged 10 and 12, believe the issue of sexuality should not be an overriding factor in adoption.

The men, aged 37 and 42, said: "This church sees this issue as being about gay rights, but it is about what is best for the child."

The decision to campaign against same sex adoptions comes after a city magistrate and CPA member, stood down over the issue.

Andrew McClintock, 63, resigned from his position in the family courts after he was refused permission to opt out of cases that resulted in children being placed with same sex parents.

Former city councillor Sid Cordle from CPA, said: "People in Sheffield have a right to say if they were tragically killed in an accident and their children had to be adopted, then their children should go to a father and a mother."

Andrew McClintock
The magistrate stood down in March

On 6 April Westminster regulations come into force which direct all adoption agencies, including Christian ones, to comply with the Equality Act when finding an adoption family for a child or lose all access to public funds.

The homosexual partners, who did not want to be named, said: "This is about homophobic issues, making adoption political and trying to close the doors of opportunity for children."

The couple, who adopted their children six years ago, said gay parents could offer youngsters a stable home environment.

"Our children had a traumatic past and we have worked to give them a good home life, we go to the supermarket, go to the park like any normal family and are involved at school.

"Often birth parents are very angry about their child being taken into care and will come up with reasons for them not to be adopted, this will just be used as a smoke screen, when sometimes they do not know what is best for the child."

A gay couple who have adopted children explain the care they provided

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