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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 October 2007, 12:41 GMT 13:41 UK
Teenage gun victim shot in head
Map of area
Murder squad detectives have revealed that a 16-year-old boy killed in a South Yorkshire playground had been shot in the head.

The boy's body was found at a recreation area on Nottingham Cliff in the Burngreave area of Sheffield on Wednesday night.

The city's police commander Ch Supt Jon House said the victim was from a "respectable local family".

Armed officers were patrolling the scene close to Andover Street.

Detectives are considering whether the shooting was linked to another gun incident in the city within the past 24 hours. Mr House refused to be drawn on any further details of the second gun incident.

I am calling on the people of Sheffield to co-operate fully with the police so that this type of incident cannot happen again in our city
Richard Caborn, Sheffield Central MP

There was also a further shooting in the area six weeks ago when another 16-year-old was hurt.

Mr House said the boy's family were shocked and members of the community along with specialist officers were offering comfort and support.

Armed police are patrolling the area in an effort to reassure residents.

Mr House said: "It is only with the help of the community, who are obviously very shocked by this crime, that we will be able to bring those responsible to justice.

"Any information will be treated confidentially and appropriate protection will be offered to witnesses who assist."

BBC staff picture of shooting scene
Police carry out a detailed search of the area

Sheffield Central MP Richard Caborn said he had spoken to the police and they were "very confident" their investigations would lead to arrests.

"I am in constant contact with South Yorkshire Police and I will be having a direct meeting with them tomorrow regarding this incident," he said.

"I will also be asking the question 'How can people get access to guns?', which in this instance has led to the tragic loss of a young life.

"I am calling on the people of Sheffield to co-operate fully with the police so that this type of incident cannot happen again in our city."

The incident happened less than a mile from the scene of a shooting in March which left a 53-year-old taxi driver dead.

Father-of-five Younis Khan was shot as he drove along Scott Road, in the Pitsmoor area.

The neighbouring Burngreave, Pitsmoor and Spital Hill areas have witnessed a number of shooting incidents in recent years.

The police cordon around the play park where the boy died

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