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Round-world bike stolen from home
Cannondale M800 mountain bike
A red Cannondale like the one stolen from Barnsley
An intrepid cyclist has spoken of his disbelief after travelling across the world with his mountain bike - only for it to be stolen in Barnsley.

Lee Simmons, 39, travelled across Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia, but on his return the much-loved bicycle was taken from his father's garage.

"Nobody thought to steal it in the poorest villages of Asia," he said. "Then I come back home and it's gone.

"It would be nice to get it back, it does have immense sentimental value."

Mr Simmons' journey also took him through Thailand and India.

He rode his Cannondale M800 through the deserts of Rajasthan and the poorest areas of Calcutta.

'Priceless to me'

But it was only after he had returned from his expedition, covering tens of thousands of miles, that he encountered a problem.

The bike was stored with two others in his father's garage in Dodworth Road, Barnsley, but when Mr Simmons went to look last week, he discovered all three had gone.

"At first I thought it was a practical joke, but then I realised they had been taken," he said.

"Obviously people pinch bikes every day, but it wasn't just a bike to me - I have so many experiences associated with it."

Mr Simmons, who now runs a cafe in Barnsley, said it would only be worth a few pounds to the robber but was "priceless" to him.

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