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Father's plea to find gifted son
Andrew Gosden
The teenager's family have been to London to try and find him
The distraught father of a gifted teenager who went missing from his South Yorkshire home a week ago has appealed for him to get in touch.

Andrew Gosden, 14, disappeared last Friday after failing to turn up at his school in Doncaster.

The youngster, who is a member of a school programme to stretch the top 5% of pupils, took more than 200 from his bank account before vanishing.

His father Kevin, 41, said he was baffled by the disappearance.

The teenager was spotted heading to London by train and there have been various sightings of him in parts of the capital including Waterloo and Oxford Street.

I don't care how he gets in contact, we just want to know that he is in one piece
Kevin Gosden

Mr Gosden, a speech and language therapist, said: "He is a very bright, quiet, polite and thoughtful lad.

"We can't think of any reason why he would need to run away from something. It is completely inexplicable from that point of view."

Andrew's mother Glenys, 43, and sister Charlotte, 16, have visited London trying to chase up sightings passed on by police.

Mr Gosden said: "His school is brilliant. It is one of the best schools in the UK and they are very supportive.

"He is bright but they try to stretch the best kids. But my best guess is that he has got back to school and thought 'this stuff is really dull, I'll just go and do something exciting'."

He added: "I am confident that he knows his way around and knows how to look after himself during the day but I am anxious about what he is doing at night.

"If I had a message for him I would say don't be afraid to get in touch and if you are, just go through missing persons.

"I don't care how he gets in contact, we just want to know that he is in one piece."

Andrew is described as 5ft 3in, slim, with straight brown hair. He is believed to be wearing a black top, black jeans, trainers and was carrying a black bag with patches of rock bands on.

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