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Sean Bean leads football protest
Sean Bean
Sean Bean said he hoped MPs would listen to the protest
Actor Sean Bean has led a delegation to Parliament to protest at the way Sheffield United were relegated from the Premiership.

The Blades were knocked out of the league on the last day of the season following a defeat by Wigan.

Sheffield supporters said rivals West Ham United should have lost points and been relegated instead for using a player who was not properly registered.

The actor and 100 other supporters met MPs on Wednesday.

In a statement on the club's website Bean, who comes from Sheffield, said he hoped the politicians would listen.

'Shown sympathy'

He said: "I think I'm in a position to express my opinion and that of many Sheffield United fans aggrieved by the decision that was made by the original panel.

"My message to MPs would be to thank them for the support we've had - I think we've had 40-plus MPs getting behind us and they've shown sympathy for our cause."


An arbitration panel on 18 June will hear the Blades' claim against the Premier League's failure to dock West Ham points over the transfer saga involving Argentina striker Carlos Tevez.

The Blades are challenging a decision to fine West Ham rather than dock them points and cancel Tevez's registration.

The Premier League had initially told Sheffield United that they were wasting their time and money.

However, club officials now believe they could regain their top-flight status if their claim is successful.

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