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Patrols stepped up after murder
Younis Khan
Neighbours and passers-by tended to Mr Khan following the shooting
Police in Sheffield have said they will increase patrols following the murder of a taxi driver shot dead in his cab.

Younis Khan, 53, was shot as he drove along Scott Road, Pitsmoor, in the early hours of Wednesday.

About 200 taxi drivers gathered at the Pakistan Muslim Centre in Darnall on Wednesday night to meet with police and council chiefs.

Ch Supt Paul Broadbent told them there would be increased patrols and a police help desk set up for cab drivers.

No clear motive

Detectives investigating the fatal shooting of Mr Khan have said there was no clear motive for the attack.

Mr Khan, described as a "hard-working family man", was shot with a small-calibre firearm, possibly a handgun.

It is believed the shots were fired from somewhere close to the junction of Scott Road and College Road.

The black Hackney cab

Neighbours and passers-by tended to the driver before emergency crews arrived.

Ch Supt Broadbent said police were looking at a number of other initiatives to improve safety for drivers, including improving CCTV systems currently installed in some taxis in the city.

He said: "Previously one in seven cabs were subject to violence and intimidation and that figure went to one in 100 cabs with those that were fitted with CCTV.

"That is something we need to progress as a matter of urgency.

"There is a number of initiatives out there. We need to find the opportunity to be able to fund these, both from the police and the council, and also the cab drivers need to take some responsibility.

"All three of us (need to) work together in partnership to work things through."

One driver who attended the meeting said: "I feel reassured for the time being but I will be properly reassured when the words are put into action."

Fellow taxi drivers react to the shooting

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