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Dutch hooligans jailed for attack
Dutch football hooligans
Police filmed some of the Dutch troublemakers in Rotterdam
Two Dutch football hooligans have been jailed for attacking Sheffield United fans during a pre-season game in Rotterdam last summer.

The supporters were attacked by a gang near the Sparta Rotterdam stadium on 5 August. One suffered a head injury and the other was stabbed in the hand.

The two men responsible for causing the injuries have both been jailed for four months, Dutch police have confirmed.

Six other men received community work punishments of 200 hours each.

All eight men received the Dutch equivalent of football banning orders and cannot attend matches for three years.

The Dutch police have been superb throughout this matter
Supt Martin Hemingway, South Yorkshire Police

South Yorkshire Police said last year's the incident was an unprovoked attack on fans drinking at a local bar after a confrontation between English and Dutch hooligans in the city centre earlier in the day.

The two injured fans were entirely innocent and had been ambushed by hooligans from Dutch team Feyenoord, who were spoiling for trouble with Blades fans.

"They were having a quiet drink and offered no provocation, but they were set upon and given a beating," said Supt Martin Hemingway of South Yorkshire Police, who had been in the Netherlands working with Dutch officers during the tour.

Dutch police
Dutch police on patrol during Sheffield United's tour last summer

"The Dutch police have been superb throughout this matter.

"Their reaction on the night was exceptional in ensuring that all of the English fans were protected after the game until they reached their destinations.

"They have then followed up with an investigation that identified all of the culprits and managed a challenging court case involving evidence from foreign witnesses."

Brigadier Harrie Wilemstijn, of the Rijnmond Police in Holland, said: "We were able to investigate this case so effectively because of the film that was taken of the incident by the South Yorkshire Police officers who accompanied the English fans."

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