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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 March 2007, 15:17 GMT
Hecklers urge on car park jumper
Police have condemned hecklers who urged a man to "get on with it" as he threatened to jump off the top of a multi-storey car park.

A crowd gathered as the 21-year-old was perched on the eight-storey building in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, while officers tried to calm him down.

But some onlookers started shouting at the man, urging him to jump.

Trained negotiators later arrived at the scene near the town centre and persuaded the man to come down.

'Incredibly frustrating'

He was later reunited with his family and given counselling.

What would these people have thought if it was one of their relatives up there?
Pc Mark Dyson

South Yorkshire Police said about 50 people had gathered at the scene in John Street on 22 February and about half a dozen started telling the man to jump.

Pc Mark Dyson, of South Yorkshire Police, said: "It was incredibly frustrating to see this happening when we were just trying to help the guy.

"It might have been a bit easier to understand if it was teenagers messing about but these were adults shouting things like 'jump' and 'get on with it'.

"When you've also got people shouting things like this out of vans driving past it's terrible really.

"What would these people have thought if it was one of their relatives up there?"

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