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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 February 2007, 14:48 GMT
Taxi CCTV camera trial 'success'
Front of taxi
Other taxi drivers will now be encouraged to have cameras fitted
A pilot scheme to fit CCTV cameras inside taxis in Sheffield has led to a dramatic reduction in abuse and attacks against drivers, it has been claimed.

The cameras were installed in 33 cabs as part of a 7,000 trial funded by Sheffield City Council in December.

Drivers can activate the camera by pushing a button on the dashboard.

The council said there was now an average of one incident for every 100 fares, compared to one in seven before the scheme started.

'Passenger benefit'

Andy Christian, from the council's community safety scheme, said: "The statistics show the scheme has had a very significant impact.

"We will now get a trade fair with camera equipment suppliers and get them together with taxi drivers and encourage the taxi drivers to take up the option of having cameras fitted."

Mr Christian said drivers would have to pay for the equipment, but many were self-employed and could claim the costs back.

He added: "All the drivers who have got the cameras are delighted. They have said it's made a massive difference.

"Some passengers have also said they feel safer in a taxi which has cameras fitted, so it is not just the drivers who benefit."

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