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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 January 2007, 18:27 GMT
Headgear cameras record criminals
Police officer with camera on headgear
Police cycle patrols now have headgear cameras
Police in Sheffield are to have cameras mounted on their headgear so they can record and secure vital evidence.

The micro technology is giving beat Bobbies an extra eye on crime and disorder on the city's streets.

The tiny camera catches digital images which are recorded and available for instant playback to officers.

Residents on the Manor estate, where the cameras are being tested, have said the new technology should help cut crime in the area.

Mountain bike officers Andy Miller and Sgt Richard Thompson now regularly patrol the Manor estate with the new piece of kit to help them.

Officers on cycles patrol the estate streets
Headgear cameras capture images for use in court cases

Sgt Richard Thompson said: "The kids are very interested to know that we've got cameras.

"The feedback that we get from residents on the estates is all positive. I've not come across anybody yet who's against us recording."

Images recorded by the cameras can be used in court and if it works during the trial on the Manor estate the idea could be rolled out across South Yorkshire.

The pilot scheme has just been running for day but has already it has been used to record arrests.

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