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Last Updated: Monday, 16 October 2006, 15:24 GMT 16:24 UK
Sisters 'sorry' for abusing fans
Twins Francine and Nicola Gleadall
The twins said their 'natural defence mechanisms' took over
A twin sister pop duo have apologised for launching a foul-mouthed tirade at football fans during a derby match at Sheffield's Hillsborough stadium.

Francine and Nicola Gleadall, 18, hit back at away fans who jeered as they performed at half-time in Saturday's Sheffield Wednesday-Barnsley match.

One of the singers shouted obscenities which were amplified around the ground, while the other flicked V-signs.

The pair were arrested and issued with 80 fixed penalties, police confirmed.

'Genuine mistake'

The sisters, who call their act TWIN, said: "Our actions were totally knee jerk and when we heard the foul abuse being shouted at us from the crowd our natural defence mechanism took over.

"We apologise for offending anyone, and would hope that most would agree they may well have acted in the same way if faced with the torrent of obscenities we were exposed to.

"We are also sorry for letting down Sheffield Wednesday after their hospitality, and trust they also understand that our actions were a genuine mistake."

The identical twins were at Hillsborough to sing their single - a cover of Slade's 1970s hit Cum on Feel the Noize - in front of the 28,687 crowd.

But Barnsley supporters began hurling abuse after the stadium announcer introduced them as "two girls from Sheffield".

'Threatening behaviour'

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "Two 18-year-old local women entertainers were arrested by police during a Championship football match in Sheffield on Saturday.

"Both received 80 fixed penalties for public order offences."

A joint statement from Sheffield Wednesday and South Yorkshire Police said: "We operate a policy of enforcement against threatening behaviour in the ground to prevent escalation into more serious offending."

The rest of game, which Sheffield Wednesday won 2-1, passed without incident, police added.

Hear why the twins hit back at away fans

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