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Girl, 7, shot in face by air gun
A seven-year-old girl has been shot in the face while playing at a village school during morning break time.

Poppy Wynn was playing with friends at Harthill Junior and Infant School in Union Street, Harthill, Rotherham, when she was shot by an unknown gunman.

The large calibre pellet, which narrowly missed Poppy's eye, is still lodged just below her temple.

Doctors say if the pellet had hit 0.5cm in a different direction, Poppy's face would have been paralysed.

The pellet, which can be seen lodged in Poppy's face, narrowly missed a facial nerve.

When you look at it, you can see the big round hole and it is clearly a bullet hole
Helen Wynn, Poppy's mum

Parents Helen and Paul, who live in the village, were called to the school after the shooting on Friday.

It is not clear whether Poppy was shot by accident or deliberately.

Mrs Wynn said: "She said she felt something hit her face and put her hand up to it. She didn't realise what it was until one of her friends said her face was bleeding."

The family have been told Poppy may have to wait up to six weeks before the pellet can be removed, in a bid to prevent serious scarring.

"When you look at it, you can see the big round hole and it is clearly a bullet hole," said Mrs Wynn.

"She has been very brave, wonderfully so. We have gone to pieces but she is great."

Close-knit community

Mrs Wynn said Poppy's younger brother Dominic, six, had found it quite exciting to have a sister who had been shot and lots of police in the house.

The family said they were shocked the incident could have happened in such a quiet community.

Mrs Wynn said: "Harthill is a little sleepy village.

"It is a small community and we are hoping that will help with information being brought forward about who has done this."

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