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Last Updated: Saturday, 10 June 2006, 11:55 GMT 12:55 UK
Airport halts live animals flight
by Maurice Blisson
BBC News, Leeds

Veal calf being transported
Animal welfare groups are monitoring the movements
The first flight of live animals out of the UK for food export in 10 years has been banned after activists protested.

The flight, from Doncaster-Sheffield Airport, was due to leave Robin Hood Airport on Monday, 19 June.

Managing Director David Ryall said: "The airport has declined the opportunity to export livestock from its freight base."

Kent International Airport bosses have also banned live animal flights because of "safety fears".

The animal welfare pressure group Compassion in World Farming had pledged to stage demonstrations at Robin Hood airport if the flight had gone ahead.

'Fantastic news'

It would have been the first from the UK since the 10-year ban on exports - following the BSE outbreak - was recently lifted by the government.

The campaign group Kent Against Live Exports (Kale), which successfully prevented the flights from the Kent airport at Manston, said the Robin Hood decision followed similar "democratic and peaceful action" at Doncaster-Sheffield.

Kale spokesman Mark Johnson said: "This news is fantastic for everyone who has made the effort to contact Robin Hood Airport and voice their concerns about live calves being flown to intensive systems in Europe.

"Animals have no voice and so it is up to some of us to try and be their voice.

"This is a trade that the majority of the public doesn't want.

"This is now two out of two - and we will continue our fight by peaceful means."


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