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Teenager died after lip piercing
Daniel Hindle
Daniel and his girlfriend both had piercings on the same day
A teenager died of blood poisoning after having his lip pierced, an inquest has heard.

Daniel Hindle, 17, of Carvale Drive, Richmond, Sheffield, died in December 2002 - two months after the piercing at Body Poppers in Sheffield.

He was first admitted to hospital in October 2002 with a fever and vomiting.

His mother, Christina Anderson, said a doctor told her Daniel had the most severe kind of septicaemia and had only a 5% chance of recovery.

"In effect, he was telling me Daniel was going to die," Ms Anderson told Sheffield Coroner's Court.

"It was then that I told him about the lip piercing. Going back over the events he seemed to agree that that would be the cause of the injury."

Hygiene fears

Daniel's then girlfriend told the inquest of her fears about hygiene at the shop where she and Daniel were given their piercings.

Naomi Storey, 21, said the woman piercing her eyebrow had removed the needle's cap with her mouth.

The piercer, Emma Thompson, denied she had used unsterilised equipment or used her mouth to remove the cap from the needle.

Ms Anderson said the first she knew about the piercing was when Daniel walked through the door with a ring through his lip.

"Daniel was quite proud of it. He thought it looked cool," she said.

"My first reaction was shock and horror. I suppose it's a normal motherly reaction."

Potential dangers

Ms Anderson broke down in the witness box as she told the inquest that her son, a keen snowboarder, was in the "prime of his life".

In a statement released by her solicitor before the inquest opened, she said: "Our family has waited a long time to get to the bottom of why and how my son died.

"We have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the potential dangers of body piercing and hope change will be brought following this so Daniel's death won't have been in vain."

The inquest was adjourned until Wednesday.

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