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Last Updated: Monday, 17 October 2005, 16:11 GMT 17:11 UK
Buster lacks pawsitive attitude
Buster with Pc Stephenson
Pc Stephenson with Buster the all-too friendly police dog
A police dog who failed to put the bite on criminals and drunks has been rehomed by South Yorkshire Police after only six months in the job.

Buster, a two-year-old German Shepherd, has recorded no arrests on the job, ignored fleeing villains and tried to make friends with drunken yobs.

In one case he stopped for a rest during the pursuit of a suspect.

Rotherham-based dog handler Pc David Stephenson said Buster was "a brilliant dog who will make a great family pet".

"He just showed no interest in doing the job. He had no fire in his belly", added Pc Stephenson.

I felt guilty having to let him go, but it was a decision which had to be made
Pc David Stephenson

"It's not his fault. He's just a dog who wanted to be friendly with everyone."

The policeman, who works in the Rotherham area and has been a dog handler for 10 years, said one time Buster was supposed to be catching a burglar but stopped and laid down, as if he was going to sleep.

Buster's police career ended when he twice failed to find suspects hiding in gardens, walking straight past one of the men.

"These were basic searches, really," said Pc Stephenson

"I felt guilty having to let him go, but it was a decision which had to be made."

Buster had completed a 14-week training course without problems, but Pc Stephenson said that while he seemed to enjoy the training situations, he could not cope with the real ones.

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