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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 August 2005, 14:32 GMT 15:32 UK
Approval for bottleneck road plan
Members of the public will be consulted on the plans
A 2.6m project to tackle a bottleneck on a busy road in the centre of Sheffield has been given the go-ahead.

On Tuesday, city councillors agreed that improvements needed to be made to the relief road at Granville Square Gyratory in a bid to ease congestion.

The changes include building an extra lane for traffic from St Mary's Road to Granville Square and an additional lane from Queens Road onto St Mary's Road.

There will also be changes to the locations of bus stops and cycleways.

Public consultation

Proposals include widening the footway at the Granville Road and Farm Road junction and extending the cycle lane along Suffolk Road into Queens Road.

In order for the scheme to go-ahead Sheffield City Council needs to buy land and until that is complete the work cannot start.

Councillor Terry Fox said members of the public would be consulted on the project which is funded by the Local Transport Plan and Objective One.

Councillor Alan Law added: "These proposals should ease congestion for motorists and bus users. There will be better facilities for cyclists and pedestrians too."

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