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Last Updated: Sunday, 9 May, 2004, 11:16 GMT 12:16 UK
Mast protesters give clear signal
Residents walk across road
Around 200 residents were at the entrance to the site.
Around 200 protesters have demonstrated in a suburb of Sheffield to prevent workmen installing a telephone mast close to homes and a school.

The concerned residents gathered on Slaleigh Lane and Hallam Grange Cresent in the Fulwood district on Sunday morning to prevent access to the site.

The city council had granted permission for the 10m high mast which is designed to provide coverage for video phones.

But the protesters argue the site is too close to properties.

Planning consent

When the lorry carrying the mast arrived the number of vehicles in the area made it very difficult to gain access to the site, but the protesters had not "blocked" the highway.

At 1145 BST the workmen who had arrived in three vans left the site and the lorry carrying the structure drove off.

Residents with banners
The protesters had banners and placards on show near the site
A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said they had attended the scene and monitored the situation.

He said it was a peaceful protest with quite a few elderly people there and officers said there was no cause for concern.

Background information

David Curtis, the head of the planning development service at Sheffield City Council said: " The application was decided under a delegated decision process and there was no material planning reason why consent should not be granted.

"The council follows national government guidance when considering concerns over the safety of telecommunications masts and this decision is consistent with that guidance.

"The objectors have been provided with all background information that led this application as they requested."

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