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Last Updated: Sunday, 7 March, 2004, 11:42 GMT
School tackles inspectors' report
A failing school in Doncaster is putting together an action plan to improve, after a damning Ofsted report.

Northcliffe School at Conisbrough was placed in special measures after inspectors said standards, teaching and attendance were all unsatisfactory.

They submitted their findings after a visit to the school in November, 2003.

Now headteacher David Martin is working with the local education authority to address the problems and insists exam results are improving in several areas.

"Northcliffe School is located in an area which has experienced challenging times," he said.

Tackling the issues

"It is a strong community whose tremendous resilience serves as an excellent example that despite obstacles in your way, you can come through anything stronger, wiser and more determined than ever before.

"In the light of this, we will not be disheartened by Ofsted's decision.

"It makes us even more committed to tackle the issues head on and to ensure that the school is removed from special measures as soon as possible."

Doncaster Councillor Tony Sockett, cabinet member for lifelong learning, said the LEA shared Mr Martin's disappointment at the report.

"We are giving the school and the governing body our utmost support in dealing with the issues that Ofsted has raised.

"We have full confidence that the school community will invest its time and energy into tackling the areas for improvement that have been highlighted."

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