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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 October, 2003, 17:15 GMT 18:15 UK
City cable car plan unveiled
Sheffield skyline
The city skyline could be radically altered if the plans are approved
Ambitious plans to solve traffic congestion problems in Sheffield with a cable car system have been unveiled by a local councillor.

Green campaigner Alf Meade believes the idea to use cable cars, similar to those in ski resorts and nearby Matlock Bath, is the perfect solution to parking, pollution and congestion problems.

Councillor Meade has submitted an eight-page report to the city council executive for consideration next week.

The Brightside councillor admits there is a long way to go before his idea gets off the ground but insists it is a serious solution to a growing problem.

Sheffield would be an ideal place because it's so hilly
Councillor Alf Meade
He has suggested a number of locations for the proposed service to link including the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield University and the Meadowhall shopping complex.

The city already has its own multi-million pound Supertram network.

Councillor Meade said: "It's not in the same league as other forms of transport in terms of the costs involved.

"It would cost far less than putting a road down and you could probably cover the whole of the city for the cost of putting in one mile of Supertram.

"Sheffield would be an ideal place because it's so hilly.

"I've received some positive feedback and I'm confident the plans will be accepted."

A city council spokesman said any plan aimed at improving the transport system would be considered.

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