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Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 June, 2003, 20:29 GMT 21:29 UK
New-look city plans revealed
Artist's impression
An artist's impression of part of the new development.
Architects have unveiled revised plans for the next step in the redevelopment of Sheffield city centre.

The project, called St Paul's Place, is now the envisaged as a seven-storey office building beside the Peace Gardens and a planning application has been lodged with the city council.

There are also plans to create a new public square to be called Millennium Place outside the Winter Garden.

Architect Graham Morrison said the application is now expected to be considered by Sheffield planners in September.

And the cost of the latest phase is estimated to be in excess of 20m.

Mr Morrison told BBC Radio Sheffield the building envisaged would have restaurant space, lobbies and foyers on the ground floor with four floors set above followed by another two floors which would be deeply set back.

The latest step in the Heart of the City development would see a continuation of public spaces between the Peace and Winter Gardens.

We've eaten a bit of humble pie on that one because we did plan a whole series of buildings along the front of Norfolk Street
Architect Graham Morrison
He said: "The primary thing we're looking at is the continuation of public space.

"The Peace Garden will flow into Millennium Place which will link through to the Winter Garden."

And Mr Morrison said the new building would not block the view of the winter Garden from the Peace Garden.

"We've eaten a bit of humble pie on that one because we did plan a whole series of buildings along the front of Norfolk Street.

But such was the strength of feeling from the public within Sheffield, and indeed the architectural success of the Winter Gardens itself that we've adjusted the plan."

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