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Lovelorn couple finally marrying

Chester Locke and Chris Orchard
The couple are planning to marry in Taunton shortly

A man who was banned from seeing his childhood sweetheart after she became pregnant more than 40 years ago is finally to marry her.

Christine Orchard, from Taunton, became pregnant with her daughter when she was 16 in 1967.

Her parents warned off boyfriend Chester Locke and agreed to raise baby Tracy themselves.

But recently Tracy decided she would track down her natural father and when she did her parents' romance rekindled.

Tracy said: "My intention at first was to get him to meet his grandchildren and the great grandchild that was on the way.

"It was never to get them back together. When they did I was shocked but it was lovely.

"It's nice to see them happy where they should probably have been 40 years ago."

Her mother Christine added: "Being an unmarried mother back in the 60s wasn't good.

"My parents decided they would bring the baby up and I had to sever all contact with Chester. That was part and parcel of them bringing up the baby."

Now the reunited couple are to marry in Taunton.

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