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Site earmarked for nuclear plants

Hinkley Point
British Energy has identified land for two new nuclear plants

The company which runs the nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset says that it wants to build two new plants.

British Energy has earmarked land, next to the existing power station, and wants to build two new reactors there.

A new law, the Planning Bill, is going through the House of Lords which would mean an unelected commission would have the final say.

This would mean there would be no need for a public inquiry.

Paul Spence, of British Energy, said: "It's the land that we would propose to use for Hinkley C and Hinkley D new power stations.

"We're very keen to be involved in Hinkley C and D. We have been looking at the prospects of new twin stations here for a good few years.

"We think that Hinkley is a very good site. We have a number of the very important ingredients with access to cooling water, with the grid access. We think it is a very, very good prospect."

Anti-nuclear campaigner, Colin Rogers, from the group Parents Concerned About Hinkley, said: "The life of nuclear energy is very short. We've probably only got about 50 years of available uranium left. It will then become so expensive to extract, it'll be unviable."

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