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Bullock could be record breaker

Chilli - who may be Britain's tallest bullock

A Somerset animal sanctuary is hoping one of its bullocks will be officially named as Britain's tallest.

The 6ft 6in Friesian, called Chilli, towers over other cattle at Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Chard.

"We have checked farms and sanctuaries across the country and we have been unable to find one even near his height," said the sanctuary's Jo Fox.

Workers have applied to the Guinness Book of Records to have Chilli named as Britain's tallest bullock.

Chilli, aged nine, who now weighs more than a tonne (1,000kg), arrived at the sanctuary when he was six days old.

"He is lucky to still be alive," said Ms Fox.

"It is unusual for Friesians to live to this age as they are usually slaughtered for beef in their youth."

The closest in height to Chilli was one recorded in Dorset at 6ft 1in in 2007.

The sanctuary is currently going through the checking process with Guinness.

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Chilli the bullock could be a record breaker

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