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Last Updated: Sunday, 16 March 2008, 11:32 GMT
Red card shown to selfish drivers
Pupils from Whitstone in Shepton Mallet launch the red card scheme
The new red cards are not a parking fine
Red cards are to be handed out to motorists who park irresponsibly in the Mendips area.

Under a new scheme, red cards will be left on windscreens by Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).

The cards are a polite reminder to motorists to think before they park especially near schools where parking problems have been identified.

The cards read: "Attention, you have parked without consideration for others, please don't in future."

Inconsiderate parking

The cards are not a parking fine, but remind drivers parking on pavements or near school entrances can cause great inconvenience and danger to parents and children trying to cross the road.

Particular emphasis is being placed on vehicles parked in areas which cause a danger to pedestrians crossing roads and where visibility may be reduced.

However, it is being stressed that where appropriate PCSOs will continue issuing fines to vehicles parked illegally.

Kristy Blackwell, the district council's project officer in community safety, said: "The red cards are only used for inconsiderate parking and not where vehicles are parked illegally.

"These cards can be used as a polite reminder to those who do not consider other road users."

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