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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 February 2008, 19:02 GMT
'Grubby' nurses slammed by peer
Lord Mancroft
Lord Mancroft stayed in the Royal United Hospital in 2007
A Conservative peer has launched an attack against nurses at Bath's Royal United Hospital.

Lord Mancroft told the House of Lords that he was treated at the hospital in 2007, and described the nurses as "grubby and drunken".

"The nurses that looked after me were mostly grubby. We're talking about dirty fingernails, slipshod, lazy."

The hospital said it had received no complaint but would be contacting Lord Mancroft to discuss the matter.

During the debate on NHS patient care Lord Mancroft went on to say: "It's a miracle I'm still alive. But worst of all my Lords they were drunken and promiscuous."

"How do I know that? Because if you're a patient and you're lying in a bed, and you're being nursed from either side, they talk across you as if you're not there.

"So I know exactly what they got up to the night before, and how much they drank, and I know exactly what they were planning to do the next night, and I can tell you, it's pretty horrifying."

He said he was "kidnapped" from the hospital by his wife, and transferred to a hospital in west London.

The hospital's deputy chief executive, Brigid Musselwhite, said: "We have received no complaint about this issue, but I will be contacting Lord Mancroft to discuss the matter with him."


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