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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 July 2007, 15:50 GMT 16:50 UK
Manager offered to sell back wife
Daryl Cromie
Daryl Cromie is now beginning a six-year sentence
A warehouse manager who seduced a man's wife before demanding 1.4m to let him have her back has been jailed for six years by a Taunton Crown Court judge.

Daryl Cromie, from Langport, Somerset, warned his wealthy victim he would be set on fire if he did not pay the cash.

Cromie, 42, also told his victim he had planned the extortion for two years.

But the victim called in the police and Cromie was arrested and charged with blackmail with menaces. The married father-of-two admitted the charge.

Banker's draft

He was sentenced to six years by Judge Graham Hume Jones on Thursday.

Peter Blair QC told the court that in February 2007 the businessman discovered his wife had made a banker's draft payment of 50,000 from their account to Cromie's.

She told him she was leaving him as it quickly became apparent her affair was back on.

A day later she filed a divorce petition, as Cromie prepared his blackmail plan.

He arranged a meeting with her husband two days later and outlined his demands - for 1.4m "he could have her back".

It was then the police were called.

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