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Last Updated: Friday, 18 May 2007, 11:42 GMT 12:42 UK
Cat shooting was a 'cowardly' act
Magic is making a good recovery
Magic was found with an airgun pellet wound in her neck
Vets who removed an airgun pellet from the neck of a young cat in Somerset believe she was shot deliberately.

One-year-old Magic was found injured in Chatham Place, Curry Rival on Thursday 3 May.

The RSPCA said the nature and location of the wound suggested it could not have been the result of a stray pellet.

Her owner, who wants to remain nameless said: "Magic is a lovely friendly cat. I cannot believe that somebody would choose to carry out such a vile act."

RSPCA inspector Jo Daniel, who is investigating the incident, said: "Clearly someone in the area is mindlessly taking pot shots at animals and our concern now is that someone else's pet could also get injured or killed.

"We need to find the person responsible for this cowardly and senseless act before any other animals suffer."

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