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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 May 2007, 07:30 GMT 08:30 UK
Cyclist rescued after cliff fall
A cyclist was rescued after crashing 40ft down a cliff face in Somerset.

His bike went crashing a further 300ft to the foot of the cliff at Hurlestone Point near Porlock Bay on Wednesday.

He was airlifted to hospital following a joint operation by the coastguard, RAF Chivenor and Devon and Somerset fire and rescue service.

Rescuers said that because of the remote location, he may never have been found if he had not had his mobile phone to call for help.

"It proved particularly difficult to locate him as he did not know where he was," said a fire service spokesman.

"Eventually, he used the sighting of the coastguard as a guide to his position to aid the RAF with the rescue.

"Had he not had [his phone] with him, it would have been very unlikely that anybody would have come across him due to his location off the beaten track."

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