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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 February 2007, 16:24 GMT
Apples power 'eco-friendly' Jag
A Somerset farmer is to convert his 43,000 Jaguar car in to an "eco-friendly" vehicle fuelled by natural waste products from his farm.

Henry Hobhouse, 52, who lives near Castle Cary, said he would make his own methane fuel because it was not available to buy in garages.

Apple pulp and grass waste is mixed with water and bacteria - which helps decompose it - and produce methane.

After a 3,000 conversion the car can be switched between petrol or gas.


Mr Hobhouse hopes that his gas production system will eventually make him energy self-sufficient.

"I'm an anorak on green issues. We've got to be taking responsibility for our own actions on a local level," he said.

"We are miles behind the rest of Europe as you can buy this sort of fuel around France, Germany and Italy."

He plans to install two small methane-making plants below ground at his farm at Hadspen.

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