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Zero Waste week family's triumph
Deborah and Mark Brosnan with two of their three children
B&NES hopes the Brosnan's achievement will inspire others
A family from Bath who took up the challenge of producing no waste over a week only had to throw away a yoghurt pot, a toothbrush and plastic wrapping.

Bath and North East Somerset Council set the Brosnans the Zero Waste Week target to highlight to need to recycle more and throw less away.

During the week they used washable nappies, composted vegetable peelings and bought groceries without packaging.

"From a packed bin bag to a yoghurt pot, we're pleased," said Mark Brosnan.

It's really made us rethink how complacent we'd become about packaging and waste
Mark Brosnan
The family found buying green household items and toiletries was the most difficult. They also could not avoid plastic packaging on unsolicited junk mail.

"From thinking it'd be impossible, to seeing how close you can get you actually think, we could all do this and if we did it together it would be an easily achievable goal," said Mark Brosnan.

"It did take a lot of effort," said Deborah Brosnan. "I think we're lucky here because we have got very good local shops and I do have a washer/dryer and we have a garden so we could do composting as well but it was enjoyable."

"It's really made us rethink how complacent we'd become about packaging and waste. To get just a yoghurt pot of waste for a family of five we don't think is too bad and a lot of the waste is things we'd bought previously so next week we might have less waste," said Mark.

Sarah Raban, of the council, said: "I think it's absolutely brilliant - I think people were a bit sceptical at first but this shows just what can be done. "It's a real opportunity to look at our day-to-day habits and see what we can change."

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